Prior to purchase, on the product sales page, you were given a link to our Terms of Service Policy. It was at the bottom of the page with the link to our homepage and our contact information and our help desk. You should have, at that point, taken the 5-10 minutes to read the Terms of Service Policy so you knew what the rules were and what we expect of you. Whether you chose to or not was your choice. After you paid you were taken to a page that asked for your name, email, desired username and password. It also asked you to check a box indictating that you READ, UNDERSTOOD, and would COMPLY with our Terms of Service Policy. You had to check the box or the Product Registration form would not submit. You checked it and submitted the form. Then we verified that you had paid and if so we approved your account and the server generated a Welcome Letter for you and sent it to the email address you gave us. In the Welcome Letter you are told to save it for future reference.

You read the terms, bought the product, got the Welcome Letter, saved the Welcome Letter, used the information in the Welcome Letter to access the secure member's area and then you bookmark the page for easy access. Submit as many ads as you want, in compliance with our submission rules that are in the Terms of Service that you told us you READ, UNDERSTOOD and would COMPLY with.

If you did what you were supposed to do then everything will be fine. If you didn't then we're here to help you but there will be a small service charge. If you don't pay the small service charge in advance then we'll discard your support request. If you pay the small service charge and we determine that you shouldn't have to pay the small service charge then we'll promptly refund it. We're asking for the small service charge in advance because we used to invoice the customer after the support issue was resolved, but it became too time consuming to request payment over and over again and still some never paid the small service charge at all. So we deleted all their memberships and blocked them on the server, some people lost $100's worth of memberships but at least they saved a few dollars by scamming the client services team member and not paying the small service charge.

All of this is covered in great detail in our Terms of Service Policy, but you already know that because you READ, UNDERSTOOD and agreed to COMPLY with our Terms of Service Policy.

Be VERY detailed when you create your support ticket below. Give us submitter names, screenshots, dates, prices, your username, any and all possible information. If we have to go back and forth with you that will eat up more of our time and that will cause the small service charge to become a LARGE SERVICE CHARGE.


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